Bike to Work Week

This week is national bike to work week, an event that’s feted in the Tahoe region with locally sponsored giveaways and freebies for cyclists.  What this means is that for one week there are a lot more people riding their bikes, and many of them are as clueless on two wheels as they are on four wheels.

Suffice to say even with heightened caution and observation I’m still seeing extraordinary examples of stupidity.  Like the group yesterday who were riding 4 abreast on a road, ignoring the fact that they were blocking cars and other cyclists from passing.  Who then yelled at me when I passed them.

Or the guy riding against traffic (without a helmet, as apparently he had no brain) who nearly hit me, despite the fact that it was a straight road.

So it goes without saying that I’m really looking forward to *next* week when all these folks return to driving their cars again, leaving the bike lanes free once again.  That peace of mind is well worth paying for my coffee.


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