When Dry Humor Falls Flat

With all the issues I’ve been having recently with newly diagnosed asthma and other breathing challenges, I’ve been joking with various friends (or so I thought) that if only I’d quit my pack a day habit, these issues would likely go away.

So today while huffing & puffing my way up the trail with my new-ish friend K, a very fit and fairly young woman who pretty much rides up vertical cliff faces without breaking a sweat, she asked me about my asthma and if I’d managed to quit smoking yet.

Due to the shortage of oxygen in my brain at that moment (I was, after all, riding a mountain bike up a steep trail), I didn’t quite understand what she was asking.  But when I did it made me feel a little better.  She may be superhuman on a bike (and pretty much any other sport) but I apparently have the drier sense of humor.

Nice to see that I excel at something still, even if it has nothing to do with the many outdoor activities I try to embrace.


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