Mean Girl

While I have never been described as a warm & fuzzy kind of person, my prickliness has apparently reached new heights with the hypersensitive staff at the local Park & Recs run swimming pool.  I was informed today by a friend (who is my department head for the masters swim program I’m currently teaching) that apparently I was ‘mean’ to the front desk clerk yesterday.  Baffled, I could only speculate that my inquiry about the maintenance team’s poorly thought out decision to close over half the showers in the women’s locker room was taken personally.  Ironically enough I thought I was being friendly about it, joking with her about the fact that 12 women were relegated to 2 showers.   But maybe the flames coming out of my eyes scared her?


2 thoughts on “Mean Girl

  1. I have an extremely similar story with greater escalation that I will certainly be posting as soon as I can catch up on my blog. Rude girls unite!

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