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I have no idea how people like my mother do it – the insane travel itineraries (6 states in 4 days or something like that).  Heck, two cities/states in a week just about did me in this week.  Which is why I’ll never ever be able to work in sales (that and I’m a pretty marginal salesperson).

This week’s travels took me hither and yon to both Keystone (CO) and Fallon (NV).  Two seeming opposite destinations, but the reason for both visits was for travel conferences.  One was for mountain travel, the other rural – you guess which goes with each destination.

While I had been to Keystone once when I was 14, I had no memories of it.  I now know why.  It’s a generally nondescript place, a resort ‘town’ stretched out over a few miles of roadway, peppered primarily with lots of grey and earthtone condos, one or two hotels, and a few restaurants.  And yes, a ski resort.  It was a short trip, and frankly I wasn’t all that fascinated with skiing Keystone, so I left my skis behind.  That this was the first time I didn’t ski at one of these conferences speaks volumes for my uninterest in Keystone (not skiing).

In fact, I was so uninspired by the place that the only photos I took were of Lake Tahoe on the flight back.  The views definitely helped justify the bumpiness the plane encountered flying between the mountains.

Fallon was also a new place for me, and actually had more character than Keystone.  I wasn’t expecting much, but in addition to the strip malls, few casinos and swath of Highway 50 that runs through it, Fallon has a naval air station, a decent Holiday Inn Express, a smallish conference center (one large room), and a pretty groovy art center housed in a renovated schoolhouse.  While the latter may sound more like Oregon, I learned that there’s a pretty rich rural arts community in Northern Nevada.  So Fallon definitely can claim to have more culture than South Lake Tahoe in that respect.

But between the flying, the shuttles, the driving, and the exhaustion of socializing (never something that comes naturally to me), I was pretty wiped out by the time I got home yesterday.  Even after 10 hours of sleep last night I’m not sure I’m quite back to normal.   I truly don’t know how other business travelers do it – years of built up endurance?  I applaud you guys, as it’s not easy.

2 thoughts on “Business Traveler Wimp

  1. Congrats on making [culture is good]. I agree though… flying insane itineraries is not easy… I think my worse to-date (of my own doing too), was flying to a wedding on a Friday, returning on Monday, and then off to a personal vacation within the same week. I think in a span of 3 weeks, I flew 6 flights.

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