Life, Accelerated

Last time I looked it was early March, and now? I’m trying to come up with creative April Fools jokes.

Suffice to say the month has flown by, a blur of work, occasional powder skiing, and oddly undiagnosable health issues.  I’m OK, albeit dealing with the discomfort of not feeling great and not knowing exactly why.  However my kind doctor has freely provided all sorts of prescriptions, so as I pack for business travel next week, I have a whole handbag just for my drugs.  Not being one accustomed to this sort of thing, I’m having fun trying to remember when to take what.  Those pillboxes I see marked with the days of the week (and times) might actually be useful in my case.

Despite general wrongness, I’ve refused to let it slow me down entirely.  I may not be swimming as much as I’d like (I gave up any hopes of competing in the May USMS Nationals a long time ago), but I have rallied for skiing – especially the few powder days we saw in March.  And I try to remember that my level of violent activity even now during my sick spell is still a lot more than the average American engages in.

Still, I’m not pleased that my body is crapping out on me so soon.


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