Sinuses, So Overrated

For the past 4 months I’ve been dealing with unidentified allergies that have left my sinuses ravaged, my head hurting and my balance questionable.  Considering how quickly said allergies came on and the fact that the symptoms weren’t the typical sneezing,watery red eyes that I usually associate with allergies, I was loathe to accept the notion that drugs might help.  After testing a fair few I found one that worked enough to relieve the weird headaches, but I didn’t like the idea of having to rely on them for the indefinite future.

I was reminded of the neti pot through an esthetician who gave me a facial recently.  While I recall it having had its 15 minutes of fame on Oprah, I’d never given it serious thought.  By then I was willing to give nearly anything a try.  So I bought myself a plastic version that’s got none of the clean design of the pretty (though pricey) ceramic ones.  It was an experiment, one that happened to turn out well.  Though I can’t profess to enjoying pouring warm saline solution through my nose, it has worked for me, and I’ve not had any recurring symptoms for nearly a month.

However that might change, since I cannot use said neti pot for the indefinite future.  My lovely, sweet, generous boyfriend kindly passed on his cold/flu/malaise to me this week, and while he had maybe a half day of sniffles, my sinuses have shut down completely.  There’s no chance that anything – air, warm saline solution, the Pope – will be getting through these babies for awhile. Suffice to say I’m now experiencing those odd ‘allergy induced’ symptoms again, along with the inability to talk normally and not sound like a heavy breathing creep on the phone.

And yes, this makes me an even more pleasant person to be around right now.


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