Rain, Rain, Go Away

And don’t come back some other day.

This latest storm system has come in wet and warm, a real pineapple express.  While a few resorts are crowing about their ‘top to bottom snow’ (I’m talking to you, Kirkwood), even that’s borderline snain/sleet at the bottom of the mountain.  Yesterday’s foray to Kirkwood was quite the test of our ski clothes waterproofness.  My bitchen new Holden jacket held up well, but my beloved Patagonia drop seat pants failed miserably.  And with N still fighting this ‘malaise’ and with me feeling on the cusp of catching it, we didn’t stay long.  Instead we spent the afternoon re-waterproofing and drying out ski gear.  Fun!!

So it’s with a bit of nostalgia that I’m looking at my photos from Saturday, when I skied Jake’s Peak again with friends (minus N, who was not well enough to slog up 2,000 feet on skis).  We hit things early before the clouds arrived, and it was the perfect Tahoe winter day – blue sky, powder snow and sunshine. Even bumped into a friend on the descent (it’s kind of a popular backcountry location what with its awesome views and easy roadside access). <sigh>

Views of Emerald Bay

I know winter will return at least once more.  I’d just like to see it stick around longer than a week.

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