When Living at Elevation Sucks

So the Joy of Cooking is not an infallible resource for me, as I learned this weekend.  The chocolate souffle’s did not turn out, which I am blaming entirely on every one of those 6,200 feet above sea level.  While they were very chocolaty (thanks to my decadent use of a Lindt 85% bar since I had no baking chocolate), the Joy of Cooking recipe ended up being more akin to a well-cooked molten lava cake than anything else.  Tasty, but definitely not the fluffy souffle I was aiming for.

Caramelized onion blue cheese pizza

The meal was not all lost, however, as my attempt at a caramelized onion and Gorgonzola pizza turned out pretty tasty.  Very rich, even with a sparing use of Gorgonzola (Parmesan was also used to keep it cheesy).  That plus chocolate made for a very gourmand type of Hallmark holiday this weekend.

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