For Christmas, my aunt – who is far more artisanal than I’ll ever be – sent us a giant wheel of homemade feta.  It’s far creamier than any commercial feta I’ve had, with a mild briny flavor. While delicious on its own, I decided to start using it in recipes, including a lentil salad suggested by my mother (who also received a wheel of goodness).

Artisanal feta

The recipe I used was the result of me culling through lots of recipes online.  I opted for simplicity – a cup of dry lentils (rinsed, soaked & cooked separately), a cucumber, a red pepper, half a pint of organic cherry tomatoes, a cup (or so) of feta crumbled over the salad, topped with a simple lemon vinaigrette (juice, olive oil and a smidge of salt & pepper).

Lentil-feta salad

While I have plans to use the feta in a slew of other dishes, including a shrimp & tomato number that my mom’s made numerous times, this lentil salad was tasty enough to make again very soon.  Even N, never a lentil fan, was scooping it onto tortilla chips.

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