Ski, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

Today is the last day of my holiday ski break, and my legs know it.  I’ve not skied 5 days in a row in a long time, and definitely not 5 full days of powder snow and/or backcountry.  Today was the first day that we knew we were not going to have guaranteed fresh tracks, and we had to decide which resort to ski at based upon other factors (distance, crowds and snow conditions).  We ended up hitting Kirkwood because today’s warmer forecast would have less of an impact at a higher elevation ski resort, and the holiday crowds don’t materialize with the same tidal wave force that they do at some other Tahoe resorts.

We did ski Kirkwood on Boxing Day, which was a glorious bluebird day with 2+ feet of light dry powder.   N surprised me on Christmas day with new phat skis – Atomic Helis.  They’re wider than my ski boot in the middle, and are the skis that Alaska heli operators provide clients, so they’re perfect for powder.

Atomic Heli-Max skis

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