Small Town Living – Culture Meets Guinness

I work next door to South Lake Tahoe’s only health food store, and over the years I’ve become friendly acquaintances with a number of people there, including Mike the baker and his wife Peggy.  I always knew that they were outdoorsy folks, as we’ve chatted about skiing, mountain biking and the all-encompassing weather.  What I didn’t know was that Peggy is a classically trained musician who plays in a string quartet both locally and in Reno.  Mike mentioned she was playing locally this week, so last night we headed to the Rockwater, an Irish pub, to listen to classical music. While it seems incongruous, the owner is the cellist in the string quartet, and handily has a small stage in the bar area to accommodate their performance.

I’m not such a fan of greasy pub food, but the interesting wine list and the hand-pulled Guinness made up for the culinary disappointment.

Interestingly enough, the pub owner’s cello (circa late 1700’s) came from his father, who was a professional cellist in the UK who played back up on a few Beatles albums. Not something I’d ever expect in South Lake Tahoe, but those are the tidbits that make living in a small(ish) town so entertaining.

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