From Running to Skiing in 48 Hours

On Saturday we went running in the meadow by our house.  There was maybe 1/4″ of snow then, but it was coold. Too cold to mountain bike, and not enough snow to ski.

How things change. Today we woke up to 6+ inches in the driveway, and it’s been dumping light fluffy snow all day.  So at lunch we retraced our steps from Saturday, this time on cross-country skis.  It was lovely – cold as, but the snow was so light as to make trail breaking much easier than it normally is.  The dog frolicked with exuberance, and subsequently passed out for the rest of the day.

And while the Tahoe resorts are filling in (snow reports ranged from 15 – 36 inches around the lake), they started with so little snow that we’re going to head back down to Mammoth again this weekend.  At least there we know that we can ski off-piste without impaling ourselves on a tree stump.


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