Discovering Etsy

A few months ago I lost a ring I’d had since I returned from France, one that I’d loved for its unusual look.  It had been lost twice under odd circumstances, but was found after a delay each time.  I’m pretty sure it’s now gone for good, since it’s buried under the slats of a local watering hole along with numerous cigarette butts and other trash.  N showed his chivalrous side by going back there with a flashlight to search for it – unsuccessfully.

So I’ve been looking online for something that can replace it, albeit differently.  Enter Etsy, the online arts & crafts fair with a search function that a friend of mine highly recommended. Brilliant!  I came across a silver artist whose selection of rings – made to order! – were what I was looking for.  I’ve never had jewelry made to order (or anything, really) so it seemed all so decadent.  Way better than mass customization, though it didn’t cost any more than a mass-made item.

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