Tahoe Snow Report

Um, not much actually.  Four resorts are open (Heavenly, Squaw, Mt. Rose and Northstar-at-Tahoe if you want to know), but that’s primarily due to their awesome snowmaking capabilities versus any bounty from Mother Nature.  This week’s forecast doesn’t look all that promising either.

Mammoth, on the other hand, has been open since November 1st, and now has 10 or so lifts running with snow on parts of the mountain that snow guns can’t reach.  So it resembles winter there.  It’s a difference of night and day, and since we have Mammoth season passes and since gas is now stupid cheap, guess which resort is the more appealing option? Yep.  I drove down this morning for my 3rd ski day of the season, to meet N who was driving up from San Diego.  That dark o’thirty wake up call was so worth it in the end.

It was a real ski day, with top to bottom runs on varied snow (moguls, wind buff, groomers) that went beyond just the designated runs.  After nearly 6 hours of using gravity, I was pretty wiped out.  The drive home wasn’t something I relished, but I kept reminding myself that my only option at Tahoe was one resort with two runs open.   That made the nearly 300 mile round trip schlep well worth it.

Anyone up for Mammoth next weekend?


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