“Green” Recreation

While gas prices have dropped substantially in the past few weeks, I’m still embracing the mindset of minimizing driving wherever possible, especially for non-necessary (read: fun) things.  N too.  Thus we’ve begun to look at mountain bike trails that don’t require us to drive to a trailhead, which is a seeming contradiction of terms, but was something we used to do more regularly.

Lucky for us, there’s an enormous network of access trails that lead to some of the rides we used to drive to.  So it’s very easy for us to do a 3+ hour ride from our house, with minimal time on the pavement.  Like this weekend’s adventure.  N even did it on his single speed 29er hardtail, which still means he’s waiting for me, but now he actually *needs* to catch his breath.  But he’s still core enough to ride a log.  And jump whatever other rocks are in or near the trail.

My sense of self-preservation is stronger than his.  And my balance far worse.

While I’m hoping that the snow comes soon enough to make these lower-elevation trails unrideable, I think we’ll have a few more weeks of access.

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