Being Decadent with Tahini

Ever since Trader Joe’s stopped carrying tahini a few years ago, I’ve had to rely on my local health food store, which has affected the cost of making hummus.  I’ve learned to horde it, and get the most out of each jar.

So when our local Grocery Outlet had organic tahini for less than $2 a jar, I jumped on it. And then I realized after the fact that it had an expiration date.  Which meant that I’d either have to make and eat ALOT of hummus in the next few weeks or try to use it in other recipes.  So I made a tahini sauce for a greek themed chicken dinner one night, but that only requires a little bit.

Enter baking.  Tahini is sesame butter, so why not try cookies, using it instead of peanut butter?  A quick Intertubes search resulted in a few recipes, and I chose the easiest, which required letting the dough chill for an hour before baking.  Just enough time to update a few iPods and check my Twitter account.  Note that since I don’t have edible gold dust or sesame seeds just lying around, I omitted that step.

And despite a wonky oven that smelled of smoke and cooks things unevenly, the cookies turned out great – nutty, not too sweet and with a buttery dough that melts in the mouth.  This is a recipe worth keeping.  Heck, I might consider making it even when I have to pay full price for tahini.

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