Not Such a Beautiful Day

While many people were celebrating this historic election, I spent today fighting with a slow and surly computer.  It’s become such an issue that it makes the most rote work tasks take 5 times as long, leaving me with days of high unproductivity (an anathema in my family).  After a particularly frustrating morning I dropped the laptop off at the fix-it place with explicit instructions to do whatever it takes (remove Microsoft Office? Blow it up?).

As a result I’m working off an old computer of N’s.  It’s equally slow, and the Internet browser has taken to freezing up and crashing at highly inopportune moments, like when I’m trying to grade my online course assignments.  Suffice to say my stress levels have skyrocketed, despite ample amounts of red wine.  I’m beginning to believe it is more me than the computer, seeing as how these issues appear to be following me from machine to machine.  At this point i wouldn’t be surprised if it followed me to a friggin’ ABACUS.

The dog is slinking around the house thinking that my explosive cursing is aimed at her.  Her innate guilt is amusing but off base tonight.  For someone so reliant upon computers and the Interweb, I’m not loving what I do for a living right now.  Culinary school actually sounds quite appealing.

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