Election Day Snow

Last night’s cold front brought snow to Lake Tahoe.  While only a few inches of wet snow fell at lake level, the local ski resorts received up to a foot, which bodes well for their openings later this month.

This being the first real snowfall of the season, people (as usual) were unprepared.  It seems that everyone forgot where their ice scrapers were, as evidenced by the snow on most car rear windows.  Oddly enough, many drivers also magically forgot where the lane lines were, as I saw folks driving all over the place.  This could be partly due to the ice on the road, but I’ll chalk it up to general stupidity.  This is, after all, a town that rejected roundabouts because it feared people wouldn’t understand how to use them.

Speaking of that, the new snow timed itself nicely with election day (because snowy roads + voting = chaos).  While I’m hoping that the U.S. population shows good judgment in their votes today, my outer cynic is not convinced that the combination of voting machine chaos and overoptimistic polls will necessarily result in the projected results.  Locally I’m just hoping for a city council candidate that’s not a confirmed idiot.

To distract me from the election results tonight, I’m bringing dinner over to a friends house, including Five-Spice “He’s not a Muslim” chicken and my grandmother’s famous Shiny Top Blueberry “You Betcha” Cobber recipe.  Regardless of tonight’s outcome, I’m assured of eating well.

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