October Hiking

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve gone hiking.  Life, work and my boyfriend’s injured foot meant more mountain biking and less time to commit to a long-distance nature walk.

So I was excited that I had Saturday to hike, and had grand plans to go to Lake Schmidell, located in the center of the Desolation Wilderness.  I hadn’t banked on the gray changeable weather that greeted me that morning, but figured that we (the dog and I) would go as far out as we could until the rain/snow/windstorms arrived.  The early morning clouds did mean that I was rewarded with an awesome sunrise.

The brief bit of sun was quickly obscured by clouds, and then wind, and then some rain.  I decided to turn back a few miles from Schmidell, instead taking a long loop back via Fontanellis Lake.  It was there that I bumped into a few long distance trail runners, 2 middle aged guys with their dog who were running trails from Echo Lakes to Barker Pass along the PCT  – 20 some odd miles?  I was more impressed with their dog doing that run than with them, as that’s a long distance for a dog.  Soleil was more impressed with her stick than the dog.

Clearly pleased with herself

While evidence of last week’s storm is visible on the north facing slopes, it’ll be awhile until Dick’s Peak is truly skiable.  I’m staying optimistic that we’ll see another cold snap this month, as Tahoe’s economy, so reliant upon tourism, could use an early and long winter season.

snow on Dick's Peak

We made it back to the car right before the drizzle began in earnest, and while the Bayview parking lot had a number of cars in it, I only saw 3 groups of hikers – all in the last 3 miles – all day.  Which is exactly why I love hiking in the autumn.

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