Experimenting in the Kitchen

Since I’m prone to falling into cooking ruts (and living ruts), I picked up some millet at the health food store last week for something different (It was also a third of the price of quinoa and couscous, something to consider now that the economy is tanking – has tanked?).  I figured it was a grain that I could throw some vegetables from the farmers market and hopefully it would be both tasty and healthy.

I did a quick search for cooking millet and learned that toasting it before boiling ensured more texture and a less soggy result.  So toast I did.  It only took about 3 minutes for a cup, and once that was done I added 2 cups of boiling water and let it simmer merrily away.

toasting millet

In a skillet I threw in the remaining treasures from the farmers market, including the divine cherry tomatoes that I’ve been gorging on all summer.  Topped with some ricotta salata cheese and a splash of olive oil, it was far tastier than I expected.  And made some nice leftovers as well.

Millet skillet result

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