First Snowfall of the Season

Friday night Tahoe got hit with a winterish (for October) storm, one that left trails in awesome condition and the mountains a light shade of white (a few inches, not the 16 I’d heard predicted above 9,000 ft).  While I was too ill to enjoy playing outside Saturday (damn stomach bug), I was able to let myself get excited for winter and skiing as I worked at home and felt generally feeble.

And since we’ve accumulated 2+ cords of wood from the trees we had removed from our property this summer, there’s no need to hold back on keeping the wood stove cranking.  Which is what we did yesterday and again this afternoon, much to the dog’s delight.  It didn’t take long before she was splayed out in a puddle of dog by the fireplace, pink nose and all.  Lucky for her, N, the resident fire builder/manager, doesn’t have much in the way of business travel this winter.

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