A Taste of Sonoma County

This week I was down in Santa Rosa for a tourism conference, and learned that it’s an area known for many things beyond the prolific wine industry.  For one, did you know it was home to the woman who holds the world record for the longest BLT? Neither did I, but she recreated it for our conference the last night we were there, complete with artisanal hand-cured bacon, heirloom tomatoes and bread baked just for this by a local breadmaker.  There was much ceremony to the BLT build, including fanfare provided by local high school trumpeters, a ‘Mayo Queen’ from the area radio station (with a gold glitter spatula no less!), and lots of melodrama.

a very long BLT

The result? Well, either it was the tempting look of the enormous sandwich, or the fantastic Rodney Strong meritage that I was lucky enough to taste (I’m learning that networking has its advantages), but I ate bacon for the first time in many years.  And you know something? That hand-cured artisanal local foodivore bacon was damn good.

Artisan BLT

Can’t say whether I’ll ever become a true bacon-vore, but while in Sonoma County, land of food, it would have been wrong not to try it.

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