The Perils of Gravity Sports

I love gravity sports such as skiing and mountain biking because I love the thrill of going downhill fast.  However, every now and then I’m reminded that with gravity and speed comes the risk of pain and injury.  This weekend I had not one but two wipeouts, and the second one was the doozy, launching me off my bike with a resounding thud.  Luckily neither were near the large granite boulders we tend to ride over and around, so it’s primarily a few scrapes coupled with a bruised body and ego.  And some dusty-as bike clothing.

This has been my summer of badly timed leg wounds, as I’m leaving today for a tourism conference in Santa Rosa.  Since it’s going to be warm I had initially planned to bring a few skirts, but that strategy was revised last night as I realized explaining the wounds on my leg wasn’t something I really wanted to do.  So long pants it is, and I’m hoping for air conditioning.

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