We’ve been in Bend this week visiting with N’s parents.  While it’s been more work focused than past visits, we did make it to Waldo Lake on our drive up.  Our timing was good, as the next day a fire broke out not far from this part of Willamette Pass, closing the road and leaving the area very smoky.

Of course the day we rode it was gorgeous.  I took some photos of the burn area at the north east end of the lake, which is starting to show signs of life.  My camera doesn’t do it justice but the color contrast was very dramatic.

Burn area at Waldo Lake

Tree skeletons

N’s parents live on top of a hill in West Bend, and the views – both sunsets and sunrises – are fantastic.  This one was taken the morning after the fire had broken out.

Bend sunrise

Sadly, that’s been the extent of the adventures this week.  Between work, prepping for the two classes I begin teaching next week and helping out with house chores (like helping N move a tremendously heavy stone sculpture from the back of the house to the front), it’s kept us busy.  Lest I come across as a total martyr I should admit that I have made it a point to catch up with friends who now live here as well as enjoy Bend’s fabulous municipal pool.  Just no 25 mile mountain bike rides as such.

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