Environmental Irony

At the pool where I swim most mornings, there’s a sign in the women’s locker room requesting that showers be kept to 5 minutes to ensure there’s hot water for everyone.  I like to think it’s also a way to conserve water, never a bad thing in my book.  Growing up in LA in the 1970’s, I grew accustomed to short showers and even to this day tend to keep them quick, so I don’t have much empathy for folks that stand uselessly under the shower as it blasts away.  Yes, on this issue I am exceptionally judgmental.

With that said I find it highly ironic that the one woman that I swim with who blatantly ignores that request is the one who works for The League to Save Lake Tahoe.  I guess she doesn’t understand the connection between her actions and the fact that she works for an organization tasked with protecting that big body of water we live by.  ‘Course, that said, there’s nothing about water conservation on the League’s website, so maybe it goes beyond just her.

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