Non-Epic Epic Rides

It’s been a smoky summer at Lake Tahoe, and the shifting winds and haze have made planning playtime a bit of a challenge.  So when we saw that the weather was slated to be clear last weekend we agreed a longish mountain bike ride was in order.  Since I’m not feeling all that bike-fit these days, N suggested a ride he termed as non-epic – ride the Tahoe Rim Trail from Stagecoach Lodge at Heavenly south west to Armstrong Pass and then head down to the lake and ride home – entirely on trails.  The views are spectacular, with sweeping panoramas of Nevada at the beginning…

Views of the valley

to wildflowers, gnarled juniper and murky lakes as we got farther along.  As riding goes, it’s not all that technical, just a lot of sand and quite a bit of elevation gain.

Freel in the distance

A lone patch of wildflowers by Star Lake

It ended up being around 28 miles with a mere 2,500 or so of climbing (this is not my definition of a non-epic ride).  And while I surprised myself on all the climbs, by the time we hit mile 21 I realized that I was spent.  And not all that interested in being in a bike saddle anymore, having spent nearly 6 hours in said seat.  Let me tell you, getting off the bike when we reached the house was nearly as awesome as the hot shower right afterward.  Nearly.

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