California Wildfires, Round 32

This is getting old.  More smoke has invaded the Tahoe basin, giving residents and visitors alike a taste of Beijing air quality.  This time it’s due to a raging outta control fire near (and soon to be in?) Yosemite.  Since much of the area that’s currently an inferno hasn’t burned in 100 years, it’s not likely that this one will be contained anytime soon.

So, what’s a person to do in a recreation mecca when recreation may be hazardous to one’s health?  I’ll call it ‘having a tourist’ day.  Instead of doing a long, arduous bike ride or hike, I took the dog and a visiting friend to Fallen Leaf lake for a gentle stroll and stick throwing session for the dog, and then onto the Valhalla & Pope Beach estates.  This was followed by a mellow bike ride to the beach for lunch.  Sad to say, that wiped me out and I’m currently dreaming of blue skies and genuine sunshine as I avoid the worst of the afternoon smoke.

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