Sunrise Hike – Mt. Tallac

A friend called me yesterday to invite me on a full moon/sunrise hike up Mt. Tallac, and while the notion of waking up at 3.30 am wasn’t all that thrilling, the idea of hiking in cooler temps was.  So I sacrificed a few hours of sleep to make the 4 am trailhead call.

Not many photos were taken, primarily because once the sun came up it was pretty hazy. However, in between climbing up 3,000 feet and batting away the $#&# early-rising mosquitoes, I did capture a few of the sun rise.

And we were far from the only ones with the same idea.  We saw about ten other groups of people who had done the same thing, and encountered even more people as we descended.  Refreshing to see others were willing to make the slog at the ungodly hour of late.

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