La Vie Est Belle

Despite rapidly rising gas prices, IT band issues that now prevent me from riding my bike and some family concerns that have had me on the edge this week, my life is so much better now that La Baguette has opened near my office.  The owner, who used to run a fabulous brewery/restaurant up the road, is from Grenoble, so I knew that he’d know how to make a proper pain au raisin.  The first bite brought back memories of summer in Chamonix, and immediately put a smile on my face.

He’s got a pretty decent assortment of patisserie, including the traditional croissants, turnovers and such, but also brioche, the typical ‘pizza’ (read: focaccia) I remember picking up at my local boulangerie, and a number of quiche and tartlets.

I’m already planning my next trip – this afternoon.

One thought on “La Vie Est Belle

  1. Sadly, Monsieur Palomares is not as gifted a businessman/customer service oriented guy as his custard-filled, caramel drenched cream puffs were. This man should be banned from running a business. BBB Tahoe has been alerted. He was unbelievably rude to his extremely patient

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