Soleil, Shakespearean Actor

The Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival is one of those great cultural festivals that blends the words of the Bard with the beauty of Lake Tahoe.  It’s something we try to attend once a year, if only to picnic on the shore of the Lake.   This year’s comedy production is A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and in an effort to add realism to the performance, the production announced it was seeking a dog to play the role of Starveling the Tailor’s dog.  On a whim I sent off a few choice pics of Soleil. Earlier this week I learned that the photos made an impression, and our not-too-bright (and certainly not literate) dog had been selected to audition next week.

While the notion of Soleil on stage getting her 15 minutes of fame (and love) is amusing, I’m not sure I’m going to go ahead with the audition.  It’s a lot of schlepping – 3 performances a week for 5 weeks – and I’d be required to drive her to Sand Harbor (about 60 miles round trip) and stay until 10 pm each night.  I know that parents drive that distance and more for their blood children, but this is a dog of questionable pedigree we’re talking about here.

However, the great story that this would make almost negates the gas and time.   And since no other grandchild in my family has made it that far as an actor, I’m really tempted to go ahead with the audition.  It’s a week away, so I have ample time to reflect on this until then.

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