Klutziness 2.0

So after my inadvertent tumble off my bike last week I thought I was done with stupid accidents, seeing as how my brother managed to take over with a slow-speed dirt bike wipe-out that resulted in a broken shoulder.  That’s the family grace gene illustrated perfectly right there.

How wrong I was.  I’m still not sure how a benign trail run ended up spraining my foot, but what I do know is that I limped my way through my conference because the outside of my right foot really hurt to stand on.  Ironically the only thing that doesn’t cause it pain is riding a bicycle.  So guess what we’ve been doing this weekend?

I’m hoping that regular icing plus copious amounts of red wine (apparently I’m not allowed Advil with my various stitches as its blood thinning properties impede healing) help speed the healing process, as I’d hate to have this limp for our Swiss vacation at the end of June.