Wintry Memorial Weekend Fun

Lake Tahoe has seen little to no real precipitation of note since March.  This week that all changed as an atypical storm cycle moved in, giving our part of the Sierra a bit of PNW damp and foggy flavah.  While it’s been wet and a bit dreary the past few days, the storm really moved in last night.  We woke up to steady drizzling rain this morning, and as things were pretty wet already, figured a mountain bike ride was not the call.  Instead we packed up the mutt and headed to the Tahoe Rim Trail at Spooner Summit for a bit of exploratory hiking.  That was a good idea, for not 5 minutes into the hike the rain turned to genuine snow, making for much more enjoyable conditions.  The dog frolicked in the snow with various sticks and logs, and we were able to get out 5 some odd miles before deciding to turn back (there was shopping to be done in Reno).  Despite the fat flakes falling, the trail was pretty clear overall.

The added bonus for me was that I was able to further break in my new hiking boots, and only had noticeable foot pain in the last mile.  I’m hoping that this means I get can through 3-4 days of the Swiss Alps in these suckers in another month.  On va voir, as they say over there.

So it was all the nicer to receive a surprise pair of hand knitted socks in the mail today thanks to my jet-setting Grandmother, who’s currently somewhere in the Mediterranean as I type.  New socks, a roaring fire and a glass of wine – the perfect end to an unseasonable (but fun!) day.