Tahoe Earth Day

While my environmentally earnest days of driving halfway across the country to march are looong gone, I do try to minimize my personal impact wherever possible.  With the local Earth Day festival slated for today, I decided to combine a bit of spring cleaning with it, as they were offering a clothing swap there, whose proceeds would benefit Tahoe Youth & Family Services, a local organization whose goal is to help – wait for it – youths and families at risk.

I’m not sure if it’s coincidence or what, but this year’s event was blustery and cold – just like last year’s event.  I had the dog with me, and she was so overwhelmed by stimuli – things to sniff, people who wanted to pet her and dogs she really wanted to say hi to – that I didn’t spend much time there.  Plus I don’t really fit into these hippie gatherings anymore.  Too blonde (though my hairdresser does use some vegan natural stuff on me due to her allergies), too snarky, hackey-sack phobic and the whole Phish-like jam band scene fatigues me.

So we tried for a walk at Fallen Leaf Lake, but the nu-cu-lear winds were so strong that walking along the lake was very difficult.  Dog didn’t seem to mind forgoing that for the quiet warmth of the car.  Perhaps she’s not so dumb after all?

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