Small Town Shopping Options

South Lake Tahoe is not really a truly small town, in that it’s a bona fide city and all, but sometimes the shopping options make it feel very rural.  Yet, for all our lack of a Trader Joe’s or a decent big-box discount store (our K-Mart doesn’t count), we do have a number of off-beat shops that you might be hard pressed to find in a big city.

Take CC’s Pirate Treasures, for example,a store focusing primarily on – you guessed it – pirate paraphernalia.  A friend of ours was commenting on the business model behind this – outside of Halloween and Talk Like a Pirate Day, when would you really find yourself needing pirate accessories?  However, this place continues to exist, and it’s not unusual to see its owner tooling around in a bright yellow hummer…which may partly account for the store’s hardy survival in a town not known for small business longevity.

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