Tahoe Mud Season

While the official spring season’s only been around a few weeks, it’s felt like that here at Lake Tahoe since early March, thanks to a persistent high-pressure system sitting over Northern California.  For some it’s wonderful, but for those of us that love skiing and/or work in the ski industry, all this sunshine is not good for consumer perception. Especially when the likes of Colorado, Utah and the Pacific Northwest are getting clobbered with back to back snow storms.  The irony is that the Colorado resorts are closing this weekend, and the Lake Tahoe resorts are open through the end of April/early May.  Yet folks here are thinking more about golf, gardening and all the things you do when the snow melts. Go figure.

Temps are expected to be near record breaking this weekend – mid-sixties or something silly.  And since I’m playing catch up with work I figured a run in the meadow would be just the thing for both me and the too-neglected (?) mutt.

Funny thing is, there’s still quite a bit of snow around, despite the warmth.  So our trail run was more of a snow/mud run with a bit of trail thrown in for good measure.   It made for a slower pace, but the dog didn’t seem to mind.  She swam, sniffed and ran through all the muddiest parts – deliberately.

Now she’s lying right in the middle of the once-cream berber carpet upstairs, ensuring that there will be a wet, dirty patch there later today.  This despite the 3 beds she has to choose from.

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