Climbing for Corn

Spring at Lake Tahoe means longer days, loads of sun and the freeze-thaw cycle that creates perfect corn snow.  It’s a big reason why the BF and I go backcountry, that plus we can avoid the craziness of the resorts *and* the dog gets a workout.  This season’s corn snow has been ripe for harvest for some time, but due to travel schedules and whatnot, we’ve not done much touring.  Today’s jaunt could be considered a front country tour, as we literally park the car on Highway 88 (south of Lake Tahoe) and start skinning up the snow.   Despite the easy access we didn’t see another soul the whole day.

Starting the climb

Nearing the top

Soleil was so stupidly happy to be out that she was out of breath and panting from all her sprinting, stick gathering and snow rolling within the first 15 minutes.  N and I, on the other hand, conserved our energy for the 2500 foot climb to what we thought would be Stevens Peak, but thanks to my memory of a left turn, ended up being the ridge between Stevens Peak and Red Lake Peak.  That said we found great skiing.  Soft snow that was nice for turns but not so deep as to cripple our aging-but-enthusiastic mutt.

All in all a relaxed tour.  The combination of sun and exercise has wiped the three of out however.  Think tomorrow will be more along the lines of the chairlift riding variety.  The dog’s probably not going to need any exercise tomorrow, seeing how she’s currently passed out by the fire.

Tired pup

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