Sierra Storm

With the forecast for today to be wet snow (r**n) and high winds, we decided to give our favorite tree skiing frontcountry tour a go, since it was higher elevation and sheltered (I didn’t have much hope in Kirkwood’s ability to run lifts in this weather, considering they weren’t able to run lifts during a recent sunny holiday weekend!).  I’m not sure what happened with today’s storm that was supposed to blow in wet and heavy, but the only thing we saw on our two lap jaunt was wind and the start of snow on the second lap.

We did a bit of this.


So the dog could enjoy the powder, as she’s as much of a snow addict as we are.


Conditions were surprisingly good.  While the snow was surprisingly light – and knee to thigh deep, there was a solid enough base underneath to make the skin up efficient.  And we were one of the few people out there. Overall a fantastic day.  And it’s dumping outside right now, supposed to continue all day tomorrow.    Hmm…is that the flu I feel coming on?

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