Tom Jones, Male Cougar

In between working and getting the mutt out for a glorious 2 hour cross country ski on gen-yoo-ine corn snow (that lovely smooth top one inch layer of soft snow on top of firmer stuff), I hit the local outlets for a bit of a shopping adventure.  My primary goal was a cheap white belt to hold up my paisley ski pants, which I did locate at a depressing slutty-teen store populated with overweight people (including an 8 year old girl whose BUTT CRACK was hanging out of her pants.  Hello, modesty? What has happened in the 25 (ok, 30) years since I was a kid?). In addition, I did pick up some necessary items at the Van Heusen $5.99 sale, including a truly fab leopard print chiffon scarf.  Such an accessory is de rigeur for a cougar in training, and my friends at the nearby Pearl Izumi outlet found it highly amusing.  Had PI had some leopard print bike socks, I’d have been all over them. Sadly, they’ve not yet embraced my irony fully.

To continue the education, I uploaded some Tom Jones to my iPod, including this gem of a song.  Hard to believe this hairy Welshman is my parents’ age.  If this isn’t enough, I’ve located some duets he did years ago with the likes of such truly ’70’s names as Donny Osmond, Susan Anton and Lola Falana.  Sadly there are no videos available of these gems.  Yet.

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