Backcountry Shenanigans

Since the snow started falling, we’ve been talking about getting out into the backcountry, but the back to back storms and time off didn’t synchronize until this weekend.  Never mind that we’re now seeing a high pressure system that’s more akin to spring (50 degrees during the day, teens at night), we were on a hunt for winter snow, also known as powder.

So we headed up to a tried and true north facing slope we know well. My expectations were low, but I was out there primarily to get exercise and test my new birthday gift.

New 22L Avalung backpack

There was already a skin track, but N used his phat skis to bust some alternate routes and widen the existing track.

Moment Comikazi skis

Cadillac skin track

It’s 1,700 feet uphill, give or take, mostly in the trees.  Treeline ends just before the summit, where we were rewarded with 360 degree views.

Views of the lake from the top

Looking towards Nevada

The dog, who we brought along for the first lap, was unimpressed.

Non-plussed by the scenery

No photos of the descent, but the snow was surprisingly unaffected by the ridiculous post-snowstorm temperatures.  It was so good we decided to go back up again, this time without the dog.  She wasn’t too thrilled by our attempts to protect her hips, but seeing as she was really slow on the descent (something about having to swim through the snow we skied on top of), we didn’t want to be held back.  Good call, too, as the snow at the bottom the second time round was a tad bit grabbier, thanks to the warming temps.  Still a fabulous day out however.  And a great way to celebrate the BF’s birthday.

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