The Kindness of Neighbors

Another foot plus of snow fell at the house last night, the ‘plus’ part being the wind drifts that left a bit more on the one side of the driveway.  It being a powder day and all, we hustled through this morning’s snow shoveling exercise, clearing only enough to get the truck out.  Our street hadn’t been plowed at 7.30 am, and the fact that Heavenly had announced a delayed opening of noon (and Kirkwood never opened) should have warned us of the road conditions just beyond the safety of our driveway.

Nonetheless, N backed the truck onto the street, where it promptly got stuck.  This is a slightly raised Toyota T100 with about double the clearance of my little Subaru, and has only gotten stuck in the snow here once in 5 years.  Make that twice now.  After some shoveling, some engine gunning and a bit more shoveling, N got the truck out onto the cross street – the one that our neighbor, a plow driver, had kindly cleared.

Despite our difficulty in getting out of the house, we found that there were a lot of people who thought it would be a good idea to ski on Superbowl Sunday.  So Sierra-at-Tahoe’s trees were a little busier than we normally see, but we found enough untracked snow to keep us busy most of the day.

And afterward, we came home and shoveled some more…and some more.  The previously noted kind neighbor had plowed our block, the berm in front of our driveway and our mailbox.  So that left us with the roof, the driveway, the snowbanks and clearing the gas meter and wood pile.  A mere hour’s work between two people, but one that left both of us sufficiently wiped out.

I’m trying to will dinner to cook itself right now, to avoid actually moving the rest of the evening.

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