Paying for Playtime?

Monday night the “Tahoe Crud” broadsided me out of nowhere, giving me no advance warning until I was huddled by the fire, coughing and achy.  I refuse to accept that this might be the result of me playing too hard.  Pfft.  After all, you sleep when you’re dead, right?

I forced myself to take two days off, which wasn’t ‘off’ really, considering I had work and presentations to give and meetings and whatnot.  Today’s foray into the pool made me realize that perhaps another day off would have been a good thing.  Especially considering that we’re leaving for 3 days in Mammoth tomorrow morning – and you *know* I’m not going to be resting there!

With between 7-12 feet of new snow at the Tahoe resorts and 9 or so feet at Mammoth, we’ll have great ski conditions in the Sierra for awhile.  The best news is that the snow survey is saying that snow levels here are at 94% of average snow pack as of today.  It was at 53% on January 1st.

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