Digging Out

Today we finally saw the sun, after a night and morning of snow that left another few inches in our driveway and more (2+ feet) at the ski resorts. We returned to Sierra, in the hopes of finding refreshed stashes and running lifts.  Alas the latter was not to be the case, as generator issues caused our favorite main lift to remain closed all morning.  That said, we found deep snow elsewhere – so deep (thigh to waist) that it made turning impossible.  So I got to straightline runs and steep pitches that I’d never consider otherwise.

It was fortunate that we were the first ones on the lift this morning (confirming that the early bird *does* get the worm), as it got crowded quickly. By midday the only high-speed lift running had a ridiculously long line, so we decided to split for the tranquil meditation of cross-country skiing.  We didn’t factor in that the trail breaking would be so strenuous.  Turns out that all the snowmobilers who illegally track out our nearby meadow actually followed the rules today.  So we had a blank canvas to ourselves.

Deep xc track

It being a designated school district snow day tomorrow, I’m calling in a snow morning to get out again.  I’ve got to make the most of “Great Tahoe Blizzard of 2008”, now, don’t I?

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