The Zen of Quick Soup

With this recent ‘malaise’ I’ve had no desire to cook or eat anything that’s not hot or liquid.  Broth gets old quickly, and I’d run through my stores of frozen soups.  I remembered a true comfort soup that I’d made last year, pumpkin black bean soup, and quickly dug up the recipe.  Despite only requiring two ‘fresh’ ingredients (onion and garlic), it’s super tasty.  And quick to make, meaning I only had to stand up at the stove for 30 minutes.

pumpkin black bean soup

The only changes I made to the recipe were to use half broth and half water (it gets too salty otherwise) and actually add a bit more water once the soup’s done, as it’s more saucelike than souplike without it. Oh, and I used the drier queso (queso seco? Oh never mind), as the queso fresco in the recipe doesn’t crumble nicely.

And the fab thing is this soup is even better the next day with some warm baguette and a nice glass of red wine.  I’ll be feasting on this until I have to rally for the marathon cooking session on Thursday.

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