A Reason Behind All the Sheep

Since our last trip to New Zealand two years ago, I’ve noticed a huge growth in the cottage industry catering to high end merino wool products. While Icebreaker wool clothing has gained a name for itself in the U.S., there’s a whole slew of similar wool brands in this country, and it seems that nearly every storefront that’s not selling the ubiquitous greenstone jewellery has some form of 100%. It’s lovely stuff, too – just painfully pricey (even with the dollar’s strength here). I did capitulate today, having learned from a friend that an NZ women’s clothing store had merino wool tops on sale. So for about half the price of the gorgeous bell-sleeved surplice top I was ogling at another store I now have a slightly heavier weight less chic but more functional souvenir. And seeing as it was below freezing here last night (spring in Queenstown has thus far brought more snow than they saw most of the winter, along with a lot of rain) , it’ll be useful tonight.

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