Vacation Time in Queenstown

This is day 3 of our vacation in New Zealand, and in such a short time we’ve done a few glorious mountain bike rides, been completely drenched by rain in the Mt. Aspiring National Park (during an aborted attempt to reach the Routeburn Hut), enjoyed our friend’s view of the snow-covered Remarkables, and seen lots and lots of sheep and their frolicking lambs both by and on the road.  I really think that Soleil is part sheep, seeing how closely the playful lambs resemble her (pink ears, prancing gait, white…).  Which would account for so much.

Perhaps the quintessential experience thus far was watching the Flight of the Conchords with our friend (who’d never seen it before) on national NZ television.  The guy who plays Murray must have been the head steward on our flight over, since the voice, accent and penchant for reminding us about our lap rugs and keeping our seats up during meal service were just too close to be a coincidence.

Since a picture says a thousand words, and my words are jumbled from some wine tonight…..

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