Dog DNA Test Disappointment

At the behest of my stepfather we decided to get the mutt DNA tested so we could rest easy in the knowledge of her breeding heritage.  We went with an online tester, which, for $65, provided us with a swab (a cross between a Q-tip and a pipe cleaner) that we – rather, I – had to swab Soleil’s cheek with for a minute.  I sagely decided to wait to do this until after a 20 mile hike, and while she lay there looking at me like I was insane, she did not move or flinch while I brushed the inside of her cheek.

Cue to nearly 2 months later.  The results arrive, and N and I are pretty sure it’ll show she’s a white shepherd and queensland heeler mix.  How wrong we were.  Turns out our ‘special’ dog doesn’t have substantial amounts of any of the 38 breeds they test for as either a primary or secondary breed.  What the test was able to tell us is that our 65 pound dog has a small bit of Yorkshire terrier in her.

Go figure.

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