September Snow

While I had seen forecasts for snow here last week, it was only showing about a 40% chance. And being the National Weather service skeptic of late, I figured, ‘Meh. If it snows, it’ll be a dusting above 8,000 feet.’

Well, color me wrong on that assumption.  I woke up on Saturday morning to a half inch of genuine snow on the ground outside the house…and as it was a brisk 27 degrees that snow wasn’t going to melt off anytime soon.  To fete this unusual occurrence, the mutt and I went for a run in the nearby meadow, as it was the perfect amount to crunch your feet in without worrying about slipping and falling.

I took a few photos with the ‘old’ digital camera, but since I don’t know how to turn off the automatic flash, all I got was a lot of overexposed images.  C’est la vie.

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