Autumnal Awesomeness

The weather began to change here last week, and once we got over the shock of not being uncomfortably hot during the day, figured it was the perfect opportunity for a longer hike.

Having dug out the zip-on bottoms to the hiking shorts and the warmer jacket, packed up some artisanal sandwiches and a few biscuits for the dog, we headed out to hike the Aloha loop with a few detours.  We hit four lakes (Susie, Heather, Clyde and Aloha), with lunch on a rock overlooking Aloha as the dog chased after driftwood logs. Instead of just following the trail down the rocky and steep (and no longer marked on Desolation Wilderness trail maps) “Tamarack Trail”, we jumped off it to another trail that climbs up to an overlook on the top of Angora Ridge.  The Angora Fire’s devastation was quite amazing from this vantage point, including the so-called ‘hot burn’ area.  Ironically, this was the day the camera battery died before we’d even left the house.

The descent down the Tamarack trail is challenging, and while we rarely see anyone coming up or down, this time we did encounter a group of 5 backpackers clambering up over the steep ledges and pushing through the overgrowth as we descended.  The terrain is unforgiving on knees, and by the time we got to the car, the three of us were all done for the day.  And the evening.

In fact, we bailed on a film premiere we were supposed to go to that night and were in bed by 8:00 pm.  One more reason why we’re not really the ones to come to for recommendations on Tahoe nightlife.

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