Riding the North Umpqua River Trail

Our Oregon wanderings next took us to the Umpqua river area, where I had heard of some great (if elusive) single track.  While we weren’t sure where to find it, we lucked out when we decided to camp at Toketee Falls, with a campsite literally across the river from the trail.  We rode up a short section of it, and bumped into a large group riding the entire 70+ miles of the North Umpqua River Trail over three days.  They provided some much needed beta, and in exchange N helped trouble shoot some brake issues they were having.

waterfalls off 138

The next morning we headed out early, and I quickly learned that this was not an easy trail in any sense of the word.  While super buffed out, the trail has lots of ‘zero to granny’ steep climbs, exposed trail overlooking the river, and a fair few rock and creek crossings.  All this reminded me that I had to be on my game, or else risk toppling into the river (far) below.

That said, the ride was a lot of fun, and the scenery was so different from what we’re used to riding in. Lush forest, waterfalls around every curve, and mossy trees shaded us for most of our ride.  While we turned back after about 10 miles, we still got a real taste of what this trail offers for the remaining 60 miles.


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