Shakespeare at Lake Tahoe

Saw Taming of the Shrew at last night with friends.  While I’m no theatre geek, I do love watching live performances outdoors, and I can’t imagine another Shakespeare festival with a more stunning backdrop than Lake Tahoe.   Half the fun is bringing a picnic dinner beforehand and enjoying the views before the show begins.  Since our friends our gourmands as well, we brought a fab spread of roasted red pepper salad, sheeps milk cheese & flatbread, grilled asparagus wrapped with smoked salmon, faux 5-spice chicken, Moosewood cookbook brownies and a cote du rhone. Thanks to either our impeccable timing or the lack of frantic crowds mid-week, we got a pretty good spot in the ‘cheap seats’.  Coupled with an amusing performance that seamlessly blended numerous pop culture references (who’da  thunk about incorporating rap music, Pat Benatar and the Benny Hill theme song?), it made for a memorable night out.

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